Coming Soon Properties

MLS properties are readily available from a number of online sources (including our website) but we know that buyers are always looking for off-market or pre-market opportunities. This page is dedicated to keeping you one step ahead of the real estate market by providing information on homes BEFORE they hit the market. The Dalzell Group has a vast broker network that gives us exclusive early notification about properties not on the MLS, so please bookmark this page and check back often.

New Construction Properties

If you are interested in receiving information about upcoming projects and properties not publicly listed, contact us to get floor plans, current pricing and more information on our coming soon properties.

Here is a first look at our properties that are currently under construction but will be on the market in San Diego very soon:

Ultra Modern Design in Encinitas. Simple design with stylish features that will awaken your senses. We decided to bring the outdoors in with warm rustic woods and cool coastal tones.