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Welcome, future investors. Today, we’re diving into the dynamic world of real estate investment with two industry leaders at the helm—Ryan Dalzell, Principal, and Ben Riehle, Managing Director of First Floor Capital Management. Together, they’re spearheading the Churchill Equity Fund, a game-changer in the realm of single-family rentals.

In a landscape where large institutions are pouring billions into the market, Dalzell and Riehle are carving a niche by acquiring and renovating rental properties to meet the growing demand in the affordable housing sector. What sets them apart? No use of debt and a focus on significant upside potential.

Discover the unique approach that has their clients invested in properties purchased below replacement cost, coupled with the benefits of strong rental growth. And here’s the exciting part—Louisville, a city making waves in 2022, securing its spot as a Top 5 city in the US for both employment growth and commercial/industrial development.

Accredited investors, this is your invitation to explore the details and potential of this investment opportunity. Stay tuned for an insider’s look into the Churchill Equity Fund—where innovation meets real estate prosperity. Let the journey begin!


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